3D Printing Service

We provide a printing service bringing your ideas to life.
We cater to your specific needs, making you a 3D printed object/s with the type of material suited to your needs.

Limitless possibilities

3D Prints

* Engineering parts
* Manufacturing Models
* Working Models
* Figurines
* Marketing Props
* Corporate Gifts etc...

Step1 - Send us your idea or file

3D printing uses a digital computer file. Usually created from a computer design package (Fusion 360, Solid Works). There are also a few free websites where these digital files can be downloaded and sent to us via email - www.thingiverse.com

You can also provide us with a drawing and measurements. Using this we can design your desired part on one of our computer design packages.

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Step 2 - We use your digital file in a slicer package to quote you

Once we have received your stl or obj file, we can then run the part in one of our 3d printing slicer packages (Simplify 360, Repetetier-Host Software). These programs tell us the amount of material to be used, as well as the amount of time it would take to print. We use this information to provide you with a quotation to satisfy your budget. Each print can be uniquely modified by changing the density (infill) of the print and using a design package. We charge R10.00 /meter of filament used depending on the quantity.

Infill Examples


3 Examples showing the infill percentage of a 3d print: 10%  /  40%  /  90%


Contact us for a quote.

Step 3 - Starting the printing process

You receive a quote, with your approval and deposit we can start with your print/s. The printing process is not that easy to begin with and takes some time, especially if we are printing new designs every day, therefore, a 50% deposit would be required.

Step 4 - You receive your 3d print/s

Once your print/s has been completed, we will courier it to you anywhere around the world!


I need help designing my 3d print.
We offer a CAD (computer-aided design) service.

I need a prototype to be made.
We offer a prototyping service.

I want to design my own 3d prints.
We offer training in 3d printing design.


3D Printing Service
3D Printing
Printing & production
3D Printing Service
Have items printed with us, no minimum quantity required.
 CAD Service
Computer Added Design
Computer added design
CAD Service
Designing your product in digital format from an idea, picture or concept.
 Prototyping Service
Design something new
Prototyping Service
We make a prototype of your product.
Training Service
Teaching you
Training Service
We do on-site training, easily learn to operate your 3d printer.
 Technical Support
Technical Support
Helping you
Technical Support
We offer online and on-site technical support.
 Coffee Art Printer
Lease a printer
Brand your business
Coffee Art Printer
Lease a Coffee/ Food Art Printer from us.

Infill Examples

3 Examples showing the infill percentage of a 3d print. This will be taken into consideration when we quote you on a print.
A New Future
3D printing is building a new future
Perhaps no technology has been over hyped more than 3D printing in recent years, but that doesn't mean it isn't delivering real disruption.


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