About 3D Technology

3D Technology is all about additive manufacturing and making it easy for the average person to do 3D printing in their own office or home. We provide extensive expertise on 3D printing, we also provide a printing service and sell 3D printers. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is a limitless application of one's imagination becoming real, using this unique aspect we strive to spark creativity in the younger generation of today.

We concentrate on FDM/FFF (fused disposition modeling) printers to provide you with detailed 3D printed parts, using your provided digital computer STL/OBJ file.

3D Technology was started by a qualified tool jig and die maker, we have a passion for technology and 3D printing. We believe 3D printing is a huge part of our future and the development of our technical generation. With our experience, we can teach you how to begin 3D printing sooner than you think.

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Lance Churchman
Sales & Technical