Coffee Art Printer

How does the coffee art printer work?

Using odorless and tasteless food coloring as ink, the coffee art printer can print FULL-colour images on top of your coffee milk froth, macaroon, biscuit, marshmallow or even cupcakes. It has the capability of printing on almost anything edible and light in color, getting the best detail on a white background.

The printer takes only 7 seconds to print on a full cup of coffee, the duration of print changes as we change the level of detail in a very user-friendly program called Cupshow. Learning this program is very simple, as well as operating the printing machine, this can be taught with one or two training lessons that we provide when you lease the machine from us.

The print size can be changed in Cupshow. Print old family photos, or print your face on a cupcake at your wedding. You can use any digital photo to print, this means there are many possibilities for branding, logo's, special days, holidays, anniversaries, wedding gifts etc...

Lease a Coffee Art Printer

Leasing the printing machine from us will help market your company and include the following:

  • Training on the Cupshow software and operating the printing machine
  • We will provide full ink cartridges once it is empty
  • Repairs of broken or non-operational printing machines

The price per month to lease the printing machine may vary according to the number of prints made, please contact us for a quotation.

Contact us for a quotation or demo

From concept to print
We provide a printing service bringing your ideas to life.
We cater to your specific needs, making you a 3D printed object/s with the type of material suited to your needs.
Step1 - Send us your idea or file
Step 2 - We use your digital file in a slicer package to quote you
Step 3 - Starting the printing process
Limitless possibilities
3D Prints
* Engineering parts
* Manufacturing Models
* Working Models
* Figurines
* Marketing Props
* Corporate Gifts
* Movie Props
Manufacturing Models
Here is an example of the working/ scale models we can print for you.
This is a 3D printed model for a client of a water purification plant in a shipping container.
Water Purification Plant Model
Water Purification Plant Model
Water Purification Plant Model
Water Purification Plant Model
Water Purification Plant Model
Water Purification Plant Model
Pharmaceutical Models
Here is an example of the large sized models we can print for you.
These are 3D printed models for a pharmaceutical company. As you can see here we are able to print large scale models.
Pharmaceutical Model
Pharmaceutical Model
Pharmaceutical Model
Pharmaceutical Model

Mini Cellphone - BM10

Wireless Bluetooth Dialer | Dual SIM Mini Card | Low Radiation Mini Phone

Great to use for a Security Phone | Corporate Gifts (can be branded) | Construction, Medical & Emergency Services

More info

Yes, this is a normal 100% working phone. It's just really small. It's not a smartphone but boasts some great features.
Mini & Compact Design - Smaller than a lighter

Is it a real phone? Cellphone

Dual SIM Cards and Dual Standby
Bluetooth & Bluetooth Dialer
Good quality speaker
MP 3/MP4 player
Telephone Book Capacity 500
Message Capacity 100

Does it work? Like any normal phone

Standby time 120hrs
Talk Time 4-6hrs
350mAh Li-ion Battery

What is the battery life? Large Capacity

Coffee Art Printer
The Coffee Art Printer prints color edible ink directly onto coffee foam and most other smooth surfaces.
This is a great way to do branding for your business or to use it on special marketing occasions. This machine can be leased from us for your coffee shop or business.

Coffee Art Printer


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